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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Literature Review
Sirr(1977) states that the written characters used by the Chinese and elaborates on various styles of writing. There are various modes of writing the same character; therefore, acquiring a complete and perfect knowledge of the written language has many difficulties. Moreover, Chinese use the symbolic mode of expressing things and ideas, each character is the symbol of a word, or signifying a sentence. Li introduces Chinese and gives the idea that Chinese will become more widely used throughout the world. Li also explains the way Chinese characters form, 4 tones in pingyi, and the Traditional/Simplified Chinese characters. Liu(2001) presents information about how and why People's Republic of China simplified Han-characters. It was a policy to reform Han-characters, 3 major movements in communist China, which were simplified Han-characters, Han-dialect spelling and Mandarin promotion. At last the paper recommend the schools both in Taiwan and Mainland China to teach students read traditional characters and write simplified characters. Chen(2005) discusses the literature masterpiece in Chinese history, Shuowenjiezi. It constructed the stylistic rules, layout arranged in character component and character form order.


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