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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Annotated Bibliography

Zhang Li "English in China and Chinese in the World" Southeast University, China
This paper consists of 2 parts. The first part analyses English learning and teaching in China. The second part introduces Chinese and gives the idea that Chinese will become more widely used throughout the world.
In the second part, it gives some example to show the pictographic and ideographic of Chinese. Moreover, the paper talks about how Chinese characters form, 4 tones in pingyi, and a brief explanation about simplified Chinese character and traditional Chinese character.

Sun-Chi Liu "The Evolution of Simplified Chinese Characters in People's Republic of China" National Chengchi University. May 2001. Volume: 18 Page: 131-166
How and why People's Republic of China simplified Han-characters. It was a policy to reform Han-characters, 3 major movements in communist China, which were simplified Han-characters, Han-dialect spelling and Mandarin promotion. At last the paper recommend the schools both in Taiwan and Mainland China to teach students read traditional characters and write simplified characters.

Xi Chen "Shuowenjiezi's Contribution to History of Chinese Philology" National Chengchi University. July 2005. Volume: 31 Issue: 3 Page: 133-135
Shuowenjiezi is a literature masterpiece in Chinese history. It constructed the stylistic rules, layout arranged in character component and character form order.

Chen Hongwei "Cultural Differences and Translation" Central China Normal University, Wuhan, China. Jan 1999.
This paper analyses detailed Chinese characters, includes 1. IMAGE AND FUCTION; 2. INTEGRITY AND INDIVIDUALITY; 3. COVERTNESS AND OVERTNESS; 4. A UNIQUE CHINESE EMPHASIS ON BEAUTY THROUGH BALANCE; 5. THOUGHT AND FORM. Even the paper discusses mostly about the translation between English and Chinese, still I think there's much useful information for my research paper.

Henry Charles Sirr (1977). China and the Chinese-Their Religion, Character, customs, and Manufactures. Taiwan. Southern Materials Center, INC.
This chapter analyses the written characters used by the Chinese and elaborates on various styles of writing. There are various modes of writing the same character, therefore, acquiring a complete and perfect knowledge of the written language has many difficulties. Moreover, Chinese use the symbolic mode of expressing things and ideas, each character is the symbol of a word, or signifying a sentence.


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